Hi everyone! I’m Maja Koscicka and I’m very excited to be the President of the Bar Society for the year 2021/22. Being a first generation immigrant and the first to attend university in my family, my journey to the bar has posed some difficulties at times. However, I hope to show everyone that regardless of your background, there really is ‘no bar to the bar’ (which is our society’s unofficial slogan). I can’t say that I have been dreaming about being a barrister since the day I took my first breath, in reality, I always thought I was destined to become a solicitor. It was only when I discovered my passion for public speaking (and being my own boss) that I knew the court life was for me. Now, I really can’t imagine myself pursuing anything else. I’m looking forward to convincing even more students that being a barrister is really not boring contrary to certain beliefs!