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Legal Advisors

Legal advisers at the Magistrates’ court, clerks at the Crown court and associates at the High court.

What do they do?

  • Well versed on procedures of the court, they ensure that all paperwork is completed and oaths are read.

  •  They sit in front of the bench and are on hand to advise whoever is sitting, particularly in the Magistrates’ Court, on complex legal issues and laying out to them the appropriate sentencing guidelines.

  • Very much in charge of the courtroom procedure as they can decide the order the cases are called on and can deal with certain matters in the absence of the judge or magistrates.

  • The Magistrates’ Court deals with a number of matters in the youth court, family court and criminal court, including drug rehabilitation orders, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, theft, drug offences, fines, driving offences, divorces and matters sent to the Crown Court which are more complex and carry a larger sentence. Any appeals will then go to the High Court.


Where do they work?

  • In the court


Is work experience available?

  • Yes – contact the legal advisers team at the Magistrates’ court.


How do you apply for a position?

  • Positions do not open up every year and so you must check at your preferred particular court for details.


Other details

  • Can in some instances be used to replace parts of a training contract and is much less competitive

  • You will need to complete either the LPC or BPTC

  • Regular 9-5 hours

  • No ‘client’, just advises the bench and, on occasion, assists the defendant if they are unrepresented.

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