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Advocacy Competitions

We run many competitions aimed at improving oral advocacy. Many involve adversarial and court-like environments to prepare our members for a life at the Bar.

Contact Sudharshan Raj or Amy Jessica Adams for more information on advocacy events.

BPP Speed Moot


Students are given the moot problem and skeleton arguments 2 days before and have to create a speech from the information.


Finalists only had 30 minutes to prepare their final speech. The judging criteria therefore focuses more heavily on advocacy than on content of argument.

UWE Competitions


The University of the West of England (UWE) kindly runs 3 of our most popular competitions: the Bail Application Competition, the Plea in Mitigation Competition and the Examination of a Witness Competition. Before each competition, UWE BPTC students host a demonstration evening in which students can get a greater understanding of what's involved.

Mock Trials


The mock trial is unique to the Bar Society, and gives members the chance to experience realistic in-court experiences.

This year we are taking part in two inter-varsity competitions, the UKLSA Moot and the BPP Advocate of the Year Competition, both new for 2017.


We also host the Annual Criminal Mock Trial. Counsel are chosen from the winners of previous competitions throughout the year and we members play the parts of jurors, witnesses, usher and clerk.

Judicial Review Moot


This competition focuses on an area covered by First Year LLB students in the 'Constitutional Rights' module. It will aim to increase awareness of the process whilst improving oral advocacy.

It takes the format of a moot and will cover the main issues of standing, grounds and remedies.