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Information for Final Year Students/GDL Students/Students applying for the BPC

1. Apply for a BPC Scholarship to an Inn of Court by the first Friday in November

2. Apply for Pupillage VIA the Pupillage Gateway which opens provisionally on 28th November (sample online application) and you can apply from 9th January to 7th February 2018. Interviews take place from February to April 2018. We recommend applying this year as, following the BPC, you only get 5 years to apply for pupillage. By applying whilst at University, you are giving yourself another year to try and secure one. 30% of those starting the BPC manage to secure pupillage before starting. Although the Gateway lists all pupillage offerings, some chambers have left the Gateway. Check on their websites to see how to apply directly.

3. Do the BCAT test at a Pearson Vue centre. This follows the same Watson Glaser style as the LNAT, and has 60 multiple choice questions. It is compulsory for the BPC and has only a pass/fail score. It is not intended to catch people out, it just ensures that candidates have the correct level of english proficiency to succeed at the Bar. If you fail, you can retake. Find a practice test on the BSB website. Registration opens in December, and make sure not to leave it to late as if all spaces are full, you will not be able to commence the BPC. 

4. Apply to Law Schools for the BPC from the first week in December until 9th January. They are dotted around the country and offer various different packages, e.g. varied class size, UWE offers a Mediation course usually worth £5000, BPP offers the chance to take a second qualifications if you don't secure pupillage, ULaw may announce fees being cut due to their 20 year anniversary, and the University of Nottingham Law School has the option to turn the BPC into an LLM. The options will depend on personal preference and funding, so spend time considering it! You have to apply via the BarSAS gateway, found here. You can apply to 6 providers, but they will only see your application if you put them in the top 3. For 4, 5 and 6, this will allow you to apply to them through clearing should your first three choices be unsuccessful. 

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