How many Inns of Court are there? 

  • Four: Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn, Inner Temple and Middle Temple.

Who must belong to an Inn of Court? 

  • Every English barrister and all former barristers turned judges must belong to an Inn of Court. Before you start your BPTC you must join an Inn of Court.

Where are the Inns of Court:

  • All four Inns of Court are located in London - around the areas of Holborn, Chancery Lane and Temple. Each Inn of Court has its owned self-contained precinct.

What is the role of the Inns of Court? 

  • Inns of Court provide education, professional accommodation, dining facilities, libraries, and perform a supervisory and disciplinary role.

When can you join an Inn of Court?

  • You can join an Inn from your second year onwards, but you must have joined before you start the BPTC. Deadline for joining an Inn is 31st May of the year your BPTC is due to start.